"Our food and shopping tend to have a more 'personal' touch."

Brewton is home to one of the "100 burgers to eat before you die."

Most people would agree that when it comes to shopping in the Southern United States, the bigger cities are the areas boasting the greatest array of major retail stores. Sometimes, however, shoppers want a personalized experience from smaller, more localized merchants and artisans. The City of Brewton, Alabama is truly the best of both worlds.

Brewton is the home of several retailers specializing in all types of high quality goods including fine jewelry, apparel, furniture, antiques, and more. Specifically, St. Joseph Street, located in the heart of downtown, is lined with unique and inviting stores exuding a rare sense of southern charm that is impossible to find outside of a small town atmosphere.

On the other hand, Brewton is in a convenient location to access the bargains and variety available exclusively from chain retailers. The Cordova Mall in Pensacola is a prime example: featuring over 120 stores and merely an hour drive away. Shoppers unwilling to sacrifice great style for low prices should look no further than the Silver Sands Outlet in Destin, Florida. This trip may take a little longer, but the deals on the outlet’s 110 luxury brands will definitely make it worth any bargain shopper’s while.

Brewton’s own local assortment of specialty retailers coupled with the city’s close proximity to larger merchants make it the perfect place for any southern shopper.

The food in the South is as important as the food anywhere because it defines a person’s culture.” These are the wise words of author and Alabama native, Fannie Flagg. Flagg truly understands that the heritage behind Southern cuisine is as rich as the ingredients that make it taste so irresistibly good.

The distinctive and varied flavors of Southern comfort food reflect the deeply rooted patchwork of unique cultures present in the Southern United States from the past to the present. Each region of the southern United States boasts its very own type of fare with fascinating historical origins. Native Americans had an immensely influential role in shaping the cuisine of the American south through their use of corn to create southern staples such as cornbread and grits. The Po’ Boy, a quintessential Louisiana favorite, is the product of the migration of French speaking Acadians to the area in the mid 18th Century. Tucked away deep in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains during the 19th century, poor farmers hunted wild game to feed their families leading to the popularity of country cured and glazed ham. Barbeque emerged when the Spanish arrived to the American South bringing the first pigs to United States’ soil. African Americans developed this famous and beloved cooking method even further and helped spread it to other regions after the Civil War.

Every one of these tasty food traditions that make up the melting pot of Southern cuisine can be found in the city of Brewton, Alabama. The Oak’s Café, for example, is the perfect place to sample a Po’ Boy overflowing with freshly fried seafood. Those in the mood for some Barbeque should look no further than George’s Old Time BBQ, which offers everything from savory pulled pork sandwiches to hearty racks of ribs. Although it may be a little off the beaten path, this charming town is the home to several southern style eateries that are definitely worth the while of locals and tourists alike.