"In a culturally colorful region, the City of Brewton shines."

The Pitcher Plant lures insects into its grip using nectar before closing the door!

Mild winters and warm summers make the Southern United States an ideal location to take advantage of the great outdoors all year round; and there is no better place in the south to enjoy nature than in Brewton, Alabama. After all, Brewton is the exact spot where the Pulitzer Prize winning and world-renowned environmental biologist, Dr. E.O. Wilson first began to cultivate his interest in the study of nature and entomology.

Today, the area offers even more opportunities for both residents and tourists to get in touch with Mother Nature. Start with a visit to one of the city’s pristine parks.

O’Bannon park, conveniently located in the center of town, offers campsite rentals on the scenic shores of Burnt Corn Creek.

Every June Jennings Park hosts the Alabama Blueberry festival in the historic downtown area featuring food and fun for all ages.

For those looking to spend some time on the water, Low Country Adventures offers a variety of aquatic activities such as kayaking, canoeing, and tubing on several Escambia county waterways.

If you prefer the salt water however, the white sand beaches of Pensacola and Destin are close enough to make a spontaneous day trip.

The Country Club of Brewton is perhaps the city’s best-kept secret. A membership grants access to one of the finest golf courses in South Alabama at a reasonable monthly rate.

Additionally, The Dogwood Hills Municipal facility offers a well-maintained public golf course, a playground, tennis courts, and a splash pad for hot summer days, making it the perfect place for the whole family.

In the event of adverse weather conditions, the Brewton Area YMCA provides a host of indoor facilities including a swimming pool, weight room, sauna, and basketball courts.

Ultimately, the numerous recreational activities available in Brewton are an exciting source of entertainment for people of all ages.