"The City of Brewton has an educational & enjoyable cultural experience for everyone to enjoy."

Originally named Newport, the city was eventually named after train agent E.T. Bruton.

The year 1861 marked the completion of the railroad in Brewton. While the Central Pacific Railroad and the Union Pacific Railroad companies started the race to complete the transcontinental railroad, this southern town began to flourish.

Originally named Newport, the town became official in 1885. The train station agent, Mr. E.T. Bruton, constructed a downtown depot and established his residence. Due to his influence and contributions of his life and work, the Newport settlement was re-named “Brewton” in his honor. With a thriving pine and lumber industry, Brewton became the county seat where retail businesses began to thrive.

East Brewton boasts its own historical significance. Incorporated in 1918, the city of East Brewton is home to Fort Crawford, a vital element in the battle that occurred between early settlers and Native American Indians. The battle took place in what is now known as Murder Creek.