"The City of Brewton has an educational & enjoyable cultural experience for everyone to enjoy."

Written by Brewton native Michael McDowell, Beetlejuice was based on the Betelgeuse star which is housed in the Orion constellation and is the ninth brightest star in the night sky.

Many are unaware that Brewton was once the home of famous novelist and screenwriter Michael McDowell, the mastermind behind the 1988 comedy-horror flick Beetlejuice. This box-office hit, however, is not McDowell's only claim to fame. Stephen King, the father of supernatural fiction himself, once called McDowell "the finest writer of paperback originals in America today." He played an influential role in developing and popularizing the Southern Gothic literary subgenre. His childhood days spent in Brewton were likely the inspiration for the creepy southern settings that serve as the backdrop for many of his stories.

The works of McDowell and several others can all be found at the Brewton Public Library, which also offers an array of educational activities for all ages. Some of these include Tai Chi classes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and the Summer Reading Program featuring educational guest speakers for kids and young adults.

For those searching for something more lively, look no further than Rock at the Dock. This event takes place every Sunday evening at O'Bannon Park and hosts an open mic for musicians of all genres.

Additionally, every April, Brewton residents look forward to the seasonal opening of Choo Choo's Farmer's Market at Downtown Park. Here, shoppers can find fresh produce, handmade jewelry, and locally crafted artwork for sale every Saturday morning.

The Thomas E. McMillan Museum is perhaps Brewton's most interesting cultural exhibit. Conveniently located on the campus of Jefferson Davis Community College. This museum allows visitors to explore the fascinating history of Escambia County through a detailed collection of artifacts dating all the way back to prehistoric times.

Whether you are interested in reading a classic southern novel, listening to some festive music, or learning about the city's rich history, Brewton has an educational and enjoyable cultural experience for everyone to enjoy.